Fort Point Park

Fort Point Lighthouse

Stockton Springs, Maine

The Fort Point Park is located in Waldo County in Maine.

The lighthouse has had active navigations since 1835!

The skies had a perfect hue and light that was complimenting the water views and landscape of the Fort Point Park!

The scene was amazing and created a look that didn't over shadow the Fort Point Lighthouse.

Laura and I walked around the Fort Point Lighthouse and the surronding landscape!

Laura was looking for portraits!

Shes back for the 4rth time!

I really wanted to give her portraits that had different backdrops and this was the perfect location!

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We continued to explore the area and loved the way the buildings provided the perfect landscape for the portraits session!

The Fort Point Park has a small walking bridge, a rock landscaped area, and

the Fort Point Lighthouse keeper quarters has a bell located facing the Penobscot River!

The park also has picnic tables, beautiful water views and has a beach area too!

No matter the season, the Fort Point Park and it's lighthouse is a perfect location for locals and tourist to visit!

Laura choose the perfect locations for the outdoor portraits session that she was looking for!

Of course, there's many local areas in Waldo County and Maine that are perfect for

 One-Hour, Three- Hour, Mini-Portrait Sessions, Events, Weddings and Family & Children's Portraits!

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Fort Point Park

Fort Point Lighthouse

The location is perfect with a mini walking bridge, rock wall landscape and lighthouse in Stockton Springs, Maine!

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