I really didn't know what to expect...

The truth is that I could see right away the family had come together for the wedding and it even included a smoker that fit a large pig and the party crashes were free romaing chickens!

As I approached the lovely log cabin home I could see how expansive the property was.

The yard is surroned by lusious woods.

It's the perfect spot for a wedding!

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The family was arriving and the brides maides were putting the final touches to their dresses and the home was busseling with activity! The bride was calm and she had such a smile that lit up the room! The energy became very "Cracking--Lighting" with the arrival of the cake and flowers. The weather co-operated and the sun was shining throughout the whole ceremony and reception! The brides maides wore summer themed colored dresses that flowed easily that draped over the wedding shoes.

Terry and Dayna wouldn't of meant if it wasn't for colledge

friends and they stayed in tough over the years with each other and their famiiies.

"How Exciting", I thought that these two found each other ,

fell in love and decided to share their lives together!

The families and friends came together with pure love and made every detail perfect!

The decision is to live in and raise their family in Maine.

I have to say that I instantly felt welcomed as I walked up the long driveway made of gravel. I got a quick sence of whom the couple and their family members were. I could understand about their commitment to each other, the church and God!

"Congratulations to the New Mr. & Mrs. Miller"

I'm blessed to be your photographer on this very special day!

But, most of all thank you for trusting me with such an important time in your lives and for calling me your friend!

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