Your Pets Should Be Included in Your Family Portraits

Family Photos With Pets | Zelia Correia-Zelias Photography-ZDA

I have had many families request to have their pets included in

their photos and my reply each time is the most enthusiastic

“Yes, absolutely!”

reasons why you really MUST include your pets in your next family photo session



Your pet is one of the family. They may have been around before the kids, and they will form a huge part of your kids’ childhood memories!

As lifelong resident of Maine and photographer Zelia Correia puts it:

“Would you send your baby to Grandma’s for a photoshoot because they’re in the way?



Bringing along your family pet can make a family photo session even more exciting for your children. Your children can play with your pet, give them cuddles and help showcase your pet’s best tricks!

Let’s face it, animals are funny, and kids are funny. Animals + kids = hilarious!

Having images from your session that show the love and bond your family has with your pet will mean so much over the years!


The bond you and your kids have with your family pet is so special and documenting this special friendship creates memories that you and your children will treasure for years to come!

Children grow up so fast and having your pet documented in your journey is a fun way to look back at your memories and see how much your child grows and changes with your pet by their side!

Home is where you’re most comfortable too!

Just like our furry friends, us humans are most relaxed and ourselves at home!

In-home photo sessions give you the opportunity to interact with your dog just how you would any other day, authentically capturing the special bond you share!

Rain, hail or shine, your shoot will go ahead!

Family Photos With Pets | Zelia Correia-Zelias Photography-ZDA

Family ties are always stronger than friendships, relationships at the workplace,

and other places as well. The family gathering brings love, unity, development,

happiness, and a whole of benefits to individual members!

The gathering time might be a special occasion like Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day,

Valentine’s Day, or any other traditional or religious occasion!

1. Unification

Family gathering helps to reunite broken relationships between family members. Maybe, there is nothing like peace, love, understanding, and a sense of belongingness in the family. The best moment to solve all grievances is when the family comes together. It helps to settle down any dispute among family members.

2. Opportunity to know family members

Children get the opportunity to know members of their extended family who have stayed outside the family for long. Grandparents, aunties, uncles, nephews, nieces, and all members of the family get to know themselves well. Sometimes it happens that for many years, some family members haven’t shown up. So, when there is a family gathering, it creates an avenue for them to come home, see their family, and celebrate together.

3. A sense of protection:

Moreover, such gathering gives some sense of protection to members of the family. It gives enough confidence to everyone in the family, e.i. when they see their swollen number which includes grandparents, uncles, and nieces.

If you are the type who really loves his/her family then let me chip in this: For you to keep your family, pets, and anything valuable to you in the house; then you would need to monitor almost everything happening inside your home. Keep everyone and everything you hold dear in your house safe.

It's great to include your entire family, as a couple or even yourself wheather it's in photos of your special events, celebrations, wedding, your engagement or when introducing your new (human) baby to the world!


If you’re planning to bring your dog along with you for your family portraits, I always recommend packing a few special treats and toys for your furry family member to help your photographer get your pet’s attention if needed. And if you want to have just a few special memories captured with your family pet, you might want to bring along a friend to entertain your pup while you have more moments captured.

Let’s chat about how we can include your furry family members in your next family photo session!

We could go on and on- there are so many reasons pets are part of the family. We want to hear from you!

What is it about your pet that makes them part of your family?

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