Every year in May, Waldo Community Action Partners stages the Cinderella Project located in Belfast, Maine.

This year the location was at the Wentworth Event Center.

1.200 Prom Dresses

All students of all sizes, genders whom want a dress can go get one!

Cinderella Project of Maine

"Our mission is to put a prom dress in the hands of every student whom want one"

A WORD from Zelia...

Photographer, Artist, Designer

The memories that stays at the front of my mind is how the students were so astonished...their faces in surprise and the smiles grew as they found their perfect dresses. But, the choices were so difficult at times, for some because they were torn between two-three dresses.

Some dresses were form fitting, others were butie enhaning and others brought out the color of the eyes and hair... the choices brought out many deliberations.

The final choice was....Saying, YES to the dress!

The student's whom weren't able to afford a photographer this year were able to receive the photos on an online gallery.

I'm very blessed to be able to be the photographer this year!

As a photographer I feel that every person deserves to feel special and to have a couple of portraits that captures a special event, weddidng and celebration!

Graduating Class of 2021

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