Wiggle your toes in the sand and be your radient self!

The joy of wiggling toes in the small beach in the town of Belfast in Maine would seem to be enough,

but there's real value in being COMFORTABLE because it means looking relaxed!

Showing your confidence while having FUN on gorgeous summer and beach days always brings out a side to all of us to be more adventurous!

"Leave the high heals at home or the hotel, bring comfortable shoes and then take them off during your summer beach mini-portaits session!"

It's better to enjoy the experience if you go barefoot!

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When it comes to Summer Beach Solo Mini-Portraits photo shoots we have you covered!

I'm an expert at making you feel relaxed, looking great and having fun in front of the camera!

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Thousands and thousands flock during warmer weahter to beaches, but nothing beats small town parks where Solo Mini-Portraits are perfect for a photo shoot!

The beach is surely nature's playground unless you are at a playground, which we also did visit during this Solo Mini-Portraits Session!

This is such a fun way to getting different backgrounds for some genuinely and organic photographs!

So, take a sneek peak at the adventures we had during this summer beach solo mini-portraits session that also included a local park in Maine!

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"I'm so looking to doing this again soon!"

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