Belfast is full of history, especially when it comes to the Armstice Bridge!

The downtown is always bustling with visitors from out of state! This includes from all over New England, and even from Pennsylvania state!

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The Belfast Bridge reopened in 2006 in September and there was a big party to celebrate!

The bridge was wisely choosen to be preserved!

The original bridge was built in 1921, which is now a gem located off of the main drag in downtown waterfront in Belfast, Maine!

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There is a bronze plaque honoring veterans from World War 1 ,but in the 1960's it was repaired with a new plaque
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The Armistice Bridge brings the East Side of town with the West, the older Belfast with the new!

The bridge opened as a Pedestrian Bridge in 2010 and is 1030 ft in length and has a deck with of 30 feet across!

The Armistice Bridge also has the names such as MEMORIAL BRIDGE or as the LOWER BRIDGE!

The bridge provides a place for local residents and visitors from out of state to stroll, bike, jog along,

or walk their pets along the shore of the harbor in downtown Belfast, Maine!

There's access to city parks, gardens, boating, restaurants and other oppertunities!

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One of theses oppertunities is to have your photos taken in the Harbor Walk/ Armistice Bridge area which also provides access to a small beach area in the east side of the bridge!

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you can also discover the Rail Trail that follows the route of the Belfast &
Mouse Head Lake rail road which is a passenger and freight line that
operated from 1871-2007 inbetween Belfast and Burnham Junction
The trail begins downtown on the east side of the Armistice Bridge in Belfast and from there the trail heads
 north-west and follows the river and ends at the Belfast and Moose Head Lake Rail Road City Point Station

One of the many features of walking downtown Belfast is that you can walk across or go south from the footbridge and stroll the

Harbor Walk which take you through Front Street Shipyard in downtown Belfast, Maine!

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Steve and Jackie really liked hearing a little about the area that they were in and we were kindly
given access down to the boat docks in the harbor where we explored the different maze of boats!
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Steve and Jackie were in their honeymoon for they were just married that weekend!

The newly married couple enjoyed the mini- adventure of exploring downtown Belfast and the Harbor Walk!

They were walking from downtown main street where they had originally parked!

I could see Steve waiving as they turned the corner as they approached the Front Street Shipyard Building!

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The gift of love came from Beverly who gifted the photo session as part of a gift basket!

But, this whole story is part of what love is all about and it's not the only one!

The words of affirmation, acts of service, quality of time, physical touch and love are gifts that says it all!

Extra browny points for the hand delivered daisies

The motivation behind the gift is even more important than the gift itself!

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Love is a gift that shows a friend, partner, or family member how much you care!

Even the smallest of gestures is all that is needed to put a smile in their face!

It's tempting to think that the smallest of gifts does'nt matter, however every single person to even the smallest of creatures are seeking love!

Let love lift you up and spread the joy!

A kiss and romantic embrace strokes the ambers, or is it a side heart hug that lasts a long time?!

Wishing Steve and Jackie the best of happiness in their marriage and safe travels back home to Pennsylvania!

Hope both, Steve and Jackie had a wonderful stay in Belfast, Maine during your first week as husband and wife!

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Last thoughts.... a love song should be written about your relashionship!