"Family & Children's Portraits"

We forget that we are as "Nature"

Nature is not something separate from us!

So, when we say that we have lost connection to nature,

we have lost our connection to ourselves!

Edward & Rajah

Making it work

Without commitment we cannot have anything because commitment to family and love keeps us going! This is very true for us since our childhood friendship!

Sadly enough, the most painful goodbyes are the ones that are left unsaid and the sorrow that we have felt when we almost lost each other!

Our loyalty and commitment to each other is so precious!

When everything goes to hell and standing together means putting your arms around each other, for being there for family because life is one of nature's masterpiece's!

"So, much of what is best is bound up in love of family that it remains the measurement of a sense of loyalty"

Edward and Rajah meant each other when very young and a very strong bond was created through a friendship that was to be tested through time!

As a young family and making it work is an opportunity for growth and having loyalty to each other!

Having lost touch with each other meant that their future was to be tested!

Edward is a survivor of a wood splitter accident that cut across the width of his head and left him to recover physically as well as the toll that was left in his young childhood memories!

Rajah is a survivor of cancer and her resilience is a fortitude that makes her capable of being a strong committed mother with great love and compaction!

Working together to make their family work, Edward and Rajah are planning to live in Maine with their children!

Their love is a testimony that endures through life's ever ending challenges!