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Thank you so much for choosing to book Zelia for your wedding!

I am so excited to work with you and capture your wedding day from start to finish!

This is such an exciting time for you and your families!

I am honored to be a part of this special day!


It is typical to allow around 2-3 hours or more for pictures during your wedding day.

This normally includes family, formals, bridal party shots, individual portraits and portraits of the bride and groom together.

Have a person who isn't in the photos to be a CALL OUT person to help gather everyone together!

This helps out a lot and saves time!

The picture times can always be spaced apart due to locations and travel times!

For example:

Individual portraits could be done before the ceremony while family formals could occur afterward.

If you would like to have more focus on photos of you as a couple, please make sure to allocate enough time to do so.

I also advise you consider time of the day/lighting if there is a certain look you are trying to achieve with the sun.

If possible it is best to AVOID 12noon -1:30pm for outdoor portraits in warmer months because we want to try and prevent sweaty and squinty faces!

Lastly, remember to walk slowly and look up with lots of smiles for those photos to come out great!


*if not a wedding just fill for event

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This form is to help me be as prepared as possible for your wedding day or event!

I like to think I am am excellent at handling curve balls, but when I have a better idea of the flow of the day,

it will allow me to help you and your wedding party best manage time for a stress free and seamless day!

Please be as exact as possible and include as much information as you can with the following questions!

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