Captain Nickles Inn | Mr. & Mrs. Edwin & Alina Mercado

Captain Nickels Inn in Searsport, Maine in Waldo County was a must for Edwin and Alina's perfect fall wedding day! They had use of the enigmatic Inn all to them selfies!

The skies were clear and foggy and after deciding still taking photos outside that day and the temps mild for the month of October on the coast of Maine.

Everyone was all smiles as the Innkeepers, Dawn and Cassie, perfected every detail. The tables were set and had flowers on them...The Wedding Cake beautifully displayed with the silver ware and Champaign was chilled and on standby for the celebration!

As I entered, I noticed the beautiful decor and detailed preparations of Captain Nickles Inn and how Inn was decorated. There was moderate sofas and the fireplace was lit to set the mood!

I knew this day would be so perfect for Edwin & Alina!

Captain Nickles Inn | Mr. & Mrs. Edwin & Alina Mercado

We weren’t concerned about the impending foggy atmosphere or the impending small rain showers that was occuring because the Inn offers an alternative covered space on the front porch and we did end up needing it during getting ready and fixing the flowers on the groom.

During their ceremony Claire Savoir serenated the most beautiful song and also read beautiful poems as part of the ceremony. We weren’t concerned about the impending fog that started surrounding us as the ceremony continued united the lovely couple together as husband and wife.

After their sweet ceremony, the sky and lawns became sultry, and we were able to capture a few photos around the immaculate grounds. 

Such a gorgeous and unexpected turn of events with the weather that was a mix of overcast, rain and fog, but the photos were unique and different for Edwin and Anita!  


Seeing them and how much they have adored each other as a couple really gives meaning as to how much love is important in ones life!

The emotions that were in Edwin and Anitas faces carried love with an intense number of smiles and hugs made us all laugh and see how much they are cared for each other!

Of course, champagne and wedding cake was lovely displayed on the table inside Captain Nickles Inn room that overlooks the deck and gardens!

As the photographer, it was also my pleasure to also be a witness to their union on the lovely fall day on October 25, 2022. One of the best parts was when Edwin and Alina unrolled their wedding license certificate, and I must tell you it sure was breath taking too!

The late afternoon nuptials was an abundance of love and joy for their happily ever after!

I have no doubt they will change the world as a couple every day! 

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin and Alina Mercado!